Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Maxine will teach YouTube star EgoRaptor how to dance!

Maxine Hupy, an experienced dance professional, will appear on the YouTube series “Dance Showdown,” which is structured just like “Dancing with the Stars,” except it features YouTube stars instead. Maxine will teach viral cartoonist EgoRaptor how to dance as they chase the $50,000 prize that will be awarded to the winner.

“Dance Showdown” is in its third season after amassing millions of view during the first two. Eight internet celebrities will team up with professional dancers, such as Maxine, and put together an original dance routine that they will perform in front of three celebrity judges.

Her partner, EgoRaptor, has no dance experience but has always wanted to learn and Maxine has vowed to “break him out of his shell.” Upon meeting each other, the two quickly discovered their common love for “Dance Dance Revolution.” Since Maxine is obviously the much more experienced and accomplished dancer of the two, her challenge will be to teach EgoRaptor new dance moves that they can incorporate into a unique, eye-catching routine to impress the judges.

As they compete for the grand prize of $50,000, they will be scored on criteria such as difficulty, wardrobe, ability to convey character, originality and overall dance performance. The competition consists of three rounds and teams will advance based on fan votes and the judges’ scores.

Fan voting will be facilitated through DanceOn’s website, To vote for Maxine and EgoRaptor, go to the website and click on the newest video featuring EgoRaptor under the “Latest Videos” heading. Next to the video will be a purple button that says “Vote for Team EgoRaptor.” In order to complete your vote, all you have to do is sign in through Google, Facebook or Twitter and click the purple button. There is no limit to how many times you can vote.

The new season premiered on Monday, November 4 on DanceOn’s YouTube channel as all eight contestants were introduced in their own individual videos. New episodes will air each week and you’ll have the chance to see Maxine dance and teach EgoRaptor brand new choreography.

Recently, Maxine’s dancing career has taken her all the way to Las Vegas where she has performed with CeeLo Green. She is originally from Milwaukee, the same community from which her father Michael Hupy began building the law firm of Hupy and Abraham, which now extends throughout the state of Wisconsin as well as Iowa and Illinois.

To follow Maxine’s current and future dancing exploits, you can follow her on Twitter @maxinehupy and “Like” her on Facebook, She can also be found on YouTube ( and Instagram (

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