Posted on Feb 24, 2010

In an attempt to bolster the riding skills of riders the Midwest, Police Motorcycle Training of Illinois Inc. is offering an advanced course for both civilian and police motorcycle riders.  The courses were featured during the Chicago International Motorcycle Show.  Course difficulty varies from basic rider skills to advanced motorcycle training.  Courses are based on information found during accident reconstruction.  The course writers have taken the causes of motorcycle accidents in Illinois and across the nation and incorporated skills that help riders avoid such accidents.

O'Connell, Illinois Head Instructor, believes that the skills taught in the class can help all riders  avoid accidents and hone their riding skills.

"Riding advanced cone patterns under slow riding conditions as absolutely critical for enhancing a rider's skills, it enhances a rider's confidence as well as muscle memory in emergency situations" said O'Connell.

At the Chicago International Motorcycle Show the Midwest Police Motorcycle Training of Illinois, Inc raffled off a free Primary Course.  This course will give new riders and those needing a refresher course the chance to review and advance their accident avoidance and basic riding skills.

All courses are based on real life situations.  The content has evolved over time in order to meet the current needs of riders.  The skills taught in the classes have, in the past, been reserved for police motorcycle officers.  However, the company believes that these advanced skills are crucial for every rider.  Most of the time a rider passes the basic motorcycle operators course and is put out on the street without proper follow-up.  The Midwest Police Motorcycle Training of Illinois, Inc. is working to educate riders across the Midwest and stop this trend.


The staff and attorneys at Hupy & Abraham hope that this safety course and others like it will help riders maintain and increase their riding proficiency.  Through education all riders can help prevent and avoid motorcycle accidents on the roadways of Chicago and beyond.