As a motorcyclist, you knew that a motorcycle accident was a risk. You drove carefully, wore a helmet and learned about the risks so that you could protect yourself. However, one day a negligent driver hit you and now, you're badly hurt, in pain, out of work, and looking for answers about your possible recovery.

As you research Milwaukee motorcycle accidents, you might find articles that tell you what to do after a crash injury. These articles may tell you to call the police from the scene of the accident, see a doctor within hours of the wreck and contact an attorney as soon as possible.

However, it is too late for you to do all that. You were so caught up in your immediate needs after the crash that you didn’t think to do everything that you could. Now you wonder if you have compromised your rights and if there is any point in contacting a Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer.

The answer is simple: yes.

Your Milwaukee Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Doesn’t Expect You to Have Done Everything Perfectly at the Accident Scene

Accident scenes are chaotic and injuries are not always readily apparent. You did the best that you could given your unique circumstances. The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham understand that and want to help you. Whether your accident occurred last week, last month or even last year, we encourage you to:

  • See your doctor. Find out what is really wrong with you and what treatment plan your doctor recommends for your recovery.
  • Be careful what you say to insurance companies. What you say can (and often will) be used against you. To find out more about dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident, please request a free copy of our DVD, Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know.
  • Call the Milwaukee bike accident lawyers of Hupy and Abraham. Our experienced staff can give you individualized and specific advice about what to do next.

Forget about what you could have differently at the time of your accident; instead, focus on how to protect your future.

Contact a Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today for More Information

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