Wisconsin Car Accident Insurance Settlements and Lawsuits

After a Wisconsin car accident injury, you want to make a fair financial recovery. When someone else causes your accident injuries, you shouldn’t have to pay the costs. Instead, you should recover damages for your past and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other losses.

Your recovery may come from an insurance company settlement or a car accident lawsuit. While you are in pain and overwhelmed with the financial costs of your injury, you might not care how you get a recovery just as long as you do make a recovery. However, before you move forward, it is important to know how both processes work and how to protect yourself.

Call One Car Accident Lawyer to Make a Fair Financial Recovery

Soon after your car accident injury, you will not know whether your fair recovery will come from an insurance company settlement or a court decision. Therefore, it is essential to contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

Insurance companies know that the car accident attorneys of Hupy and Abraham mean business. If the insurer doesn't offer a fair settlement, then we will go to court. Often, this makes insurance companies more likely to settle our clients’ claims. Whether your case settles or goes to court, our legal team has the experience and skills you need.

Wisconsin Car Accident Insurance Settlements

Formal negotiations with the insurance company often start with your lawyer sending a demand letter to the insurer. The demand letter will explain how the insured person caused the car crash, what injuries you suffered from the car crash, and what financial compensation you want from the insurance company. After the demand letter is sent, the insurance company will respond, and, in many cases, negotiations will follow until both parties agree on a fair settlement amount.

Beginning at the scene of the accident and continuing through settlement negotiations, you can protect your recovery by:

  • Referring any insurance adjuster who calls you to your lawyer. Anything that you say to the insurer can be misconstrued and used against you. Therefore, it is good practice not to talk to the insurance adjuster directly, and instead, to direct the insurance adjuster to speak with your attorney.
  • Refusing to sign anything the insurance company sends you without consulting with your lawyer. Once you sign a medical release or a settlement agreement, for example, you may be bound by the terms of the release or agreement you signed.
  • Recognizing that the insurance company may be watching you. An insurance company representative can watch you come and go from your house, follow you in public places, and monitor your social media accounts. The insurer is trying to gather evidence to prove that you are not as injured as you claim.

Wisconsin Car Accident Lawsuits

You have a limited amount of time to file a car accident lawsuit in Wisconsin. Even if you are negotiating with the insurance company, the car accident statute of limitations continues to run. Once the statute of limitations expires, you will not be able to recover damages.

Accordingly, the beginning stages of car accident lawsuits often overlap with insurance company negotiations. While our lawyers work toward a fair settlement with the insurer, we also will file a car accident complaint in court before the statute of limitations expires.

Formal discovery, including depositions, written interrogatories, and requests for production of documents, may occur. Motions may be made and, if a settlement is not reached, then your case will go to trial. At that point, the court will decide whether you should recover financial damages and the dollar amount of those damages.

Wisconsin Car Accident Recoveries

Ultimately, you want to experience as little stress as possible and get the money that you deserve. As long as both of those things are true, you may not care whether your recovery happens through a settlement or a lawsuit.


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