You’re driving down the road, and you see a motorcycle weaving in and out between cars. You think, “It’s only a matter of time before somebody hits him.” Or you see a minivan change lanes, barely missing the motorcycle in the new lane. Again, how long will it be before that motorcyclist gets into an accident, perhaps through no fault of his own?

Too many motorcycle wrecks occur because drivers do not take the necessary care to keep themselves—and others—safe. Staying safe on the road requires both motorcyclists and car drivers to take precautions, such as the following:

Car Drivers

  • When changing lanes, check all rear-view mirrors and, if you can do it safely, look over your shoulder.
  • Slow down and look both directions before making a turn.
  • When you are following a motorcycle, leave enough space that you have time to stop without collision.


  • Always wear a helmet. If you have a passenger, make sure he or she is also wearing a helmet.
  • Stay within the lane lines; do not ride the line.
  • When changing lanes, slow down, look through the turn, lean your body and the motorcycle into the turn as you rise slightly on the pegs, and accelerate through and out of the turn.
  • Look far enough ahead that you have time to safely deal with any potential hazards.
  • Do not weave between cars to get ahead faster. Consider that motorcyclists must follow the same rules of the road as car drivers. 
  • Try to avoid potholes; if you can’t, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation recommends that you slow down and rise slightly on the pegs before hitting the pothole.
  • Approach railroad tracks in the same way as potholes: slow down and rise slightly on the pegs before crossing the tracks at a 90-degree angle.

Notice that there are more safety recommendations for motorcyclists than there are for drivers of cars. A car weighs about 10 times as much as a motorcycle. Also, drivers of cars have a shell around them. Motorcyclists have good reason to be extra cautious.

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