What's A Sissy Bar?


Ever notice a midrange to long metal bar on the back of a motorcycle from time to time? That is what one might coin as a sissy bar. A sissy bar is an extension on the back of a bike that rises above the rear fender. They can range from a towering spire to a short hoop. So why might you want to install one of these sissy bars yourself? 


Originally meant for fenders


The origin of the sissy bar has no "one story," as it has appeared numerous times throughout motorcycle history. The bar itself existed for the purpose of being a fender strut, which was essential to holding the rear fender up. What was originally meant to only connect the fender to the frame on a motorcycle, has now evolved into a stylistic and practical piece that can be used for a plethora of purposes. This article will go over three main benefits that sissy bars can provide, should you choose to install one yourself. 



Stylistic factor

Love it or hate it, the sissy bar is considered by many to be a modeling icon. This is largely due to the fact that riders can customize the sissy bar in many ways. From short hoop bars decked out with stickers to four feet poles with a barrage of flags attached to them. Customizing a sissy bar to your liking is virtually endless. 


Sissy bars hold luggage

If you're in need of space for that long weekend trip on your bike, consider using a sissy bar to strap down your bags. Not only does a sissy bar provide a solid mounting point for your bags, but it also keeps your bike narrow and prevents your bike from being lopsided. Strapping cargo also provides a backrest for the lone rider if done correctly. Who doesn't love good lumbar support? 



Sissy bars hold people

Passengers don't get many amenities from the factory-installed pillions on their bikes. Why not share the love of lumbar support by installing a sissy bar? Tall sissy bars will allow your passenger to lean back and get comfortable. Not to mention, it provides good handheld support. You can even customize your sissy bar to have leather padding or any other material that provides a comfort factor. Your partner will thank you in the end for it. 



Motorists have been installing sissy bars on their bikes for decades. With as many benefits it provides, it's hard to see them going away anytime soon. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE.

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