You know the information that you want from your Cedar Rapids slip and fall lawyer. You know that you want to know more about your legal rights and your potential financial recovery. However, in order to provide you with accurate information about your rights and about making a fair recovery, your Cedar Rapids slip and fall attorney may request some information from you.

Three Questions to Expect When You Meet With One of Our Lawyers

Your Iowa slip and fall accident recovery may depend on the evidence that you have and on your specific physical injuries. Accordingly, when you meet with one of our lawyers, you should expect that he will ask you the following kinds of questions:

  1. Who was with you when you were hurt? Were there any witnesses? Was there anyone in the area shortly before you were injured? We are trying to determine if anyone else saw the conditions that resulted in your fall.
  2. What exactly did you see before or immediately after you fell? We want to know every little thing so that we can establish whether or not the property owner or manager knew—or should have known—about the dangerous condition that resulted in your fall.
  3. What did your doctor say? We want to know the extent of your injuries because they will impact your recovery.

Of course, we may have more questions for you. We will also take the time to answer your specific questions.

Call a Cedar Rapids Slip and Fall Lawyer Today to Learn More

For more information about your slip and fall accident recovery in Iowa, please contact an experienced Iowa slip and fall lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation. Our Cedar Rapids slip and fall lawyers can be reached at 319-731-9009 or 888-807-2752 or via this website. We also invite you to order your FREE DVD: Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know to learn more about recovering a fair settlement after an Iowa slip and fall accident injury.

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