Reduce Motorcycle Accident Stress

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are also riders. We know the stress, uncertainty, and fear that often follow a motorcycle crash. Our attorneys may help you through this stressful time and provide the aggressive and compassionate legal representation you need.

Having a Plan Can Reduce Motorcycle Accident Stress

Sometimes, you can reduce stress by doing the next right thing. After a motorcycle accident case, you likely have two goals. First, you want to protect your medical recovery. Second, you want to protect your legal recovery. Often, you can accomplish these goals by:

  • Calling the police. A call to 911 or your local police station should be one of the first things you do. Your call will dispatch police officers and medical first responders. The police officer who responds to the crash will investigate the accident and issue a report. The investigation may include critical information for your recovery. Additionally, the police officers will handle all communication with the other driver(s), and make sure that the accident scene is visible so that secondary accidents are avoided. Emergency medical technicians will evaluate everyone for injuries and transport anyone who needs to get to the hospital.
  • Accepting medical help. You may feel like you can handle your injuries on your own, but only a medical professional can diagnose your injuries. Even if you don’t experience immediate symptoms that require a trip to the emergency room, you can make an appointment with your regular healthcare provider.
  • Following your doctor’s treatment plan. Your doctor may recommend tests, follow-up medical appointments, rehabilitation therapy appointments, and restrictions on your work and daily activities. Many people find treatments and restrictions difficult to manage on their own. Your employer, co-workers, relatives, and friends may provide you with the support you need to implement your healthcare recovery plan.
  • Not posting on social media. Do not post anything about the accident, your medical condition, or your daily activities on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms. Instead, you should assume that the insurance company will access and misconstrue anything you post on social media, despite any privacy settings you may put on your accounts.
  • Answering the phone the first time the insurance adjuster calls. However, you should not engage in conversation with the insurance adjuster. Even small talk may later be misinterpreted and used against you. Instead, tell the insurance adjuster that an attorney represents you and provide the adjuster with your attorney’s contact information.
  • Keeping a diary. You can keep a journal either on paper or electronically. In your journal, record how you feel, things you’ve missed due to your injuries, doctors’ appointments, expenses, and other information. Your accident journal may become essential evidence in your motorcycle injury case.
  • Contacting a motorcycle injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer can take care of all of your legal needs so that you are not left guessing what you should do next and so that you can concentrate on your physical recovery.

You couldn’t prevent the other driver’s negligence from causing your accident. However, you can stay in control and minimize your post-accident anxiety by following the steps outlined above.

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