Maybe you saw evidence of the other driver’s rage and aggression before the collision. The driver may have been following you too closely, pounding on the horn, making rude gestures, or otherwise expressing his frustration. You may have been afraid that the driver’s aggression would cause a crash.

Now, in the eerie calm following the crash, you may not be sure what to do next.

Protecting Your Safety Is Your Top Priority

If you reached for your smartphone immediately following the accident or if you are researching what to do should do if you ever find yourself in this type of situation, then we encourage you to:

  • Call 911. You need police and first responders to arrive as quickly as possible.
  • Lock your car and do not get out until the police arrive. You do not know if the other driver will be violent.
  • Do not engage in a conversation or argument with the other driver. The other driver may be looking for a fight, but you have nothing to gain by having a verbal altercation with him.
  • Accept medical help. You need to have your accident injuries examined, diagnosed, and treated.

These actions may help prevent your further injuries and help you recover from the injuries you have already suffered. While these actions may protect you at the accident scene, your fight for a fair and just recovery is going to continue long after the accident scene is cleared.

But You Don’t Have to Fight the Other Driver Alone

If the other driver was aggressive or angry on the road then you should expect that he will act similarly throughout any legal proceedings following the crash. However, you do not have to deal directly with him. Instead, you have the right to hire a lawyer who can work with the insurance company, the other driver, or the driver’s lawyer to get you the fair recovery that you deserve.

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