2012 has been a different year for Wisconsin riders. It is unlike 2011 or any other year in the last two decades. 2012 has the unfortunate distinction of being the year with the highest number of Wisconsin motorcycle fatalities in two decades. As Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyers, we want you to understand the risks that you face so that you can stay safe while you continue to enjoy riding your bike.

2012 Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Statistics

As of the beginning of October 2012:

  • 102 people have been killed in Wisconsin motorcycle accidents. That is a significant increase over the 77 people who died in the same time period during 2011 and the 85 who died during all of 201.
  • At least 11 motorcyclists have died after their bikes hit deer.
  • If nobody else dies in a Wisconsin motorcycle accident before the end of 2012, this will be the fourth deadliest year for motorcycle accidents in this state since 1986.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is still analyzing why this was such a deadly year for motorcyclists. It is expected that things such as mild winter weather, older riders, speed, and alcohol may have contributed to the loss of life.

It is important to remember that the year has not yet ended and that, unfortunately, more Wisconsin motorcycle accident fatalities may occur.

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