Many people are going to offer opinions or advice to you after an Iowa motorcycle crash. Some of these people may be well-intentioned, but wrong. Others may be purposely trying to give you incorrect information and still others may simply be ignorant about the truth. Regardless of the reasons for the misinformation, our Iowa motorcycle accident lawyers want you to know the truth.

Three Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

After you’ve been hurt in an Iowa bike wreck, people may tell you:

  • Motorcyclists are the problem. riders are not the problem. Motorcycle riders, ourselves included, have every right to be on the road. A motorcyclist is no more likely than any other motorist to be a “problem.” The law makes no assumption that motorcycle accidents are caused by motorcyclists—and neither should you.
  • Recoveries from motorcycle accidents are difficult to obtain. Again, this is not true. If the victim of a motorcycle accident has been hurt by someone else’s negligence, then Iowa law allows that victim to recover. Insurance companies, judges, and juries know this, and it is possible to get a fair recovery from an Iowa motorcycle accident injury.
  • It is easy to pursue a fair recovery on your own without the expense of an Iowa bike accident lawyer. You may be able to do it, but it may not be easy. While it is possible to get a fair recovery after an Iowa bike wreck, and even though insurance companies know what a fair settlement would be, it can be difficult to get a fair recovery without the help of an experienced Iowa bike accident attorney.

Myths only serve to harm motorcyclists who believe them. We do not want you to be taken advantage of; instead, we want you to know the truth.

Call an Iowa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Learn More

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