Consumers are hurt when a dangerous drug is marketed, designed, or manufactured

Absent medical malpractice, pharmacist error, or a patient’s mistake, it is typically the pharmaceutical company’s deliberate or negligent actions that cause prescription medication injuries.

But the Problem With Pharmaceutical Companies Isn’t Always the Same

Instead, a pharmaceutical company may cause a prescription drug injury that could not be anticipated by a doctor or patient in one of three ways. The pharmaceutical company could:

  • Design a dangerous drug. Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to design a safe medication. That means that the formulation of the drug is reasonably safe and that potential side effects are identified.
  • Manufacture a dangerous drug. If the pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing team fails to follow the design or fails to have reasonable safety measures in place to prevent contamination or mistakes from occurring, then a dangerous medication may be created during the manufacturing process.
  • Market a dangerous drug. Many drugs have side effects. Companies that market medications have a duty to notify doctors and the public of these side effects, so each patient may make an informed decision as to whether the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies cannot market their medications to treat any condition other than those for which the medication has Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Just one of these three mistakes would be enough to cause a patient significant harm and allow the patient to recover for his injuries during settlement negotiations or in court.

How to Take Action If You’ve Been Hurt by a Prescription Drug in Illinois

If you’ve been hurt a medication side effect that the pharmaceutical company failed to warn you about, then you may have the right to recover damages in a pharmaceutical injury case. If other people have been similarly injured, then you may be able to pursue a pharmaceutical class action case. Together you, and others who have been hurt, can share the expenses of litigation and pursue your fair recoveries.

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