6 steps to follow after a motorcycle accident Milwaukee

Nobody expects to be involved in a motorcycle accident while they’re out riding, but sometimes the unexpected happens. An accident is a traumatizing and overwhelming experience. Being aware of the possibility of an accident and knowing the steps to take after an accident can help make the process less stressful. Here are a few things our experienced Milwaukee motorcycle crash lawyer recommends you should do immediately following a wreck.

6 Important Steps to Follow After a Motorcycle Accident in Milwaukee

  1. Call 911 immediately if there are serious injuries. You should still call for police if there are no injuries so they can file a police report. Make sure help is on the way before acting further.
  2. Stay as calm as you can. Remaining focused after a motorcycle accident will help you get everything you need from the crash scene.
  3. Take pictures and notes of the accident scene, damage and injuries. Our Milwaukee motorcycle crash lawyer recommends getting as many details of the accident scene as you can, which will help you out big time in the long run. Take photos of any property damage and injuries. Get information from all parties involved, including driver’s license, insurance, witness and contact information.
  4. Give relevant information only to others. Don’t apologize or admit fault in any way. Only share the most basic details of what you know about the motorcycle accident. Giving out too much information or admitting fault will jeopardize your case if you decide to pursue a lawsuit. If you’re unsure about what to say, contact our experienced Milwaukee motorcycle crash lawyer before moving forward. Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company.
  5. Get checked out by a medical professional. Whether you go to the hospital or a doctor after the accident, make sure you get checked for injuries, even if you feel fine. Some injuries don’t make themselves known for days or weeks after an accident. Get a plan of care set right away. Establishing a record of your injuries can help to your benefit in a personal injury lawsuit.
  6. Contact an attorney. Contacting our Milwaukee motorcycle crash lawyer at Hupy and Abraham will help you navigate the maze of insurance adjusters, bills and medical treatment after an accident. With the help of an experienced motorcycle injury attorney, you can focus on your recovery and day-to-day life while they handle all the work for you.

All these post-accident steps will help you in the long run and improve the chances of getting the money you deserve. While being prepared for a possible motorcycle accident is good, don’t let it hinder your passion to ride. Safety and awareness will only help you in emergencies.

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