Minor Fender Bender That Caused Injuries

Yes, you should see a doctor even if you don’t think you were severely hurt in a car accident. Even minor car crashes can cause car accident injuries, and those injuries are not always immediately apparent after a collision.

See a Doctor as Soon as Possible

If you aren’t experiencing significant pain or injury symptoms, then you may not need to go to the emergency room, but you should still see your primary care doctor. Your doctor can examine you for any injuries and tell you what to watch for in case your injuries worsen.

It is important to report all of your physical symptoms even if you don’t think that they are related to your car accident. For example:

  • A headache could be a symptom of whiplash, a brain injury, or a concussion
  • Back pain could be a symptom of whiplash, a herniated disc, or a soft tissue injury
  • Numbness or tingling in your arms or legs could be a symptom of a herniated disc
  • Abdominal pain may be a symptom of an internal injury

Right after a car crash, it is easy to dismiss these symptoms as stress-related or to miss them in the chaos of the accident aftermath. However, if you go to the doctor and talk about these symptoms, then your doctor can look into them more closely to determine if they are actually stress-related or if they are signs of a more significant injury.

You Must Prove That the Accident Caused Your Injury

To recover damages in an Iowa car accident injury case, you must prove that your injuries happened because of the other driver’s negligence. Proving causation will require medical evidence. The shorter the amount of time between the accident and when you receive medical care for your injuries, the easier it is to prove that your injury happened during the crash. Additionally, prompt medical care can prevent your injury from getting worse.

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