You, the stars, and your bike…

While night riding can be a very enjoyable experience, it can also be extremely dangerous. Most motorcycle accidents happen when a passenger vehicle driver doesn’t see a motorcycle. When it’s dark, motorcycles can be even harder to see. Perhaps this is why sixty percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents occur at night.

In this article, our Green Bay motorcycle accident lawyers provide tips to make night motorcycle riding safer and to prevent Wisconsin motorcycle crashes.

The Secret to Safe Night Riding: See and Be Seen

1. Check your lighting. Many motorcycles are under-lit, making them hard to see. Turn on your motorcycle and imagine that you are a tired or drunk driver. How well can you see your bike? If your lights are dim, consider replacing your brake light and headlamp with brighter bulbs. Check your manual first so you don’t risk melting your wiring.

2. Add reflective tape or stickers to your bike and helmet. DOT regulations specify red reflectors for the rear of a vehicle, amber for the side, and white for the front. You can buy decals or tape that matches your motorcycle so it is less conspicuous during the day.

3. Wear reflective clothing. Black leather looks good during the day, but at night opt for a jacket and helmet that reflect light. Reflective or florescent details can help you be seen. If you fall or are thrown off your bike, you want to be seen.

4. Make sure your eye protection is clean and scratch free. Carry a microfiber cloth to clean grime from your face shield.

5. Ride near the center of the lane when possible. Drivers are less likely to see you if you are near the edge.

6. Avoid other drivers’ blind spots.

7. Avoid tailgating. Give yourself plenty of space.

8. Slow down. Not only does slowing down give you more time to react to the unexpected, you also want to be sure that you can stop in the distance illuminated by your headlights.

9. Get regular eye exams. The ability to see at night decreases with age. Your eye doctor can help you determine if you need to make accommodations for decreasing night vision.

Taking steps to help other drivers see you is the first step to preventing Green Bay motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, reckless drivers can injure even the safest motorcyclists.

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