Many factors are outside of your control as a rider, but proper motorcycle maintenance can play a crucial role in preventing a crash. Staying up-to date-with motorcycle maintenance in the following areas could make you a safer rider: 

  • Fuel and oil. When it comes to fuel, you should always get rid of untreated gas older than six months. Check your fuel lines regularly for any damages or cracks; if any damage is visible, however minor, it’s best to change your fuel lines. Consistent oil and filter changes will help you keep your oil level in optimal condition. Too little oil can be detrimental to the engine, while too much could flood your air cleaner.
  • Tires. Tread is one of the most important factors, and worn tires should be immediately replaced to prevent skidding or flats.Be sure to pay attention to tire pressure, as low pressures can cause a blow-out. It’s a good idea to keep a miniature tire gauge in your bike’s storage compartment and use it regularly to monitor pressure. 
  • Brakes. For the best performance, you should change your brake fluids once a year. You should also make sure that your brake pads are thick enough; if they look thin, replace them.
  • Battery. Batteries require more frequent attention — monthly check-ups — to promote maximum performance. The key things to check are fluid levels and cables. Also, check he case and clamps for any damage and tighten loose connections. 
  • Chains. Keep your bike chain well lubricated with chain spray, making sure to spray both sides. The chain should not be pulled tight, but should sag ¾ inch to 1¼ inches midway between the two sprockets. This is important for your bike suspension.
  • Cleanliness. Keeping your bike clean is not about vanity. Dirt and foreign materials can contaminate the internal parts of the engine, making the vehicle run less efficiently. To clean the exterior of your bike, soap and water work well; you can also use a generic degreasing agent. 

Regular vehicle maintenance is an important first step, but even the best-maintained motorcycle can be damaged in a motorcycle accident caused by some else’s negligence. If you have been involved in a collision in Wisconsin, contact the lawyers at Hupy and Abraham at 920-882-8382 or toll free at 800-800-5678. We would love to send you FREE copies of our book and DVD: The Ultimate Guide for Auto Accident Victims and Valuable Information Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know!