Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and adventurous means of transportation. Many Wisconsin residents are coming to realize this and beginning to ride them. Whether a motorcycle is to commute to work or just the leisurely Saturday ride with friends, it can be fun.

Many motorcycles have seats for passengers on the back. Riding with a passenger makes for an ever-more enjoyable time for many riders. Being able to share the ride with a loved one, child, or friend makes for a great riding experience.

Before a rider takes off with a passenger on back, they need to make sure both the passenger and themselves will be safe. A motorcycle crash in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois with a passenger on back can have horrible consequences. The rider attorneys at Hupy and Abraham provide the following:

Tips for A Safe Ride with a Passenger

  • Prepare your bike.

Getting your bike ready to carry the extra passenger is a necessity. Be sure that you have:
the proper seat to carry the extra person,
pegs for the passenger to rest their feet on, and
an extra helmet for them to use.

  • Inform your passenger.

Don’t assume your passenger is going to know what to do once on the bike. Give them an overview of what to expect on the ride. Inform them on how to hang on and where to put their feet.

  • Adjust your riding.

When riding with a passenger, you will need to make some adjustments to the way you ride. You will need to brake sooner, take more cautious turns, and allow more space and time when passing. Also, be conscious of the way the bike handles with the extra weight on the back.

If you've have been injured in a traffic accident on a motorcycle as a passenger or the rider in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois, you may be entitled to compensation.

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