As autumn nears in Wisconsin, the leaves will begin to fall and the cold fronts will begin to move in. The wintertime will soon be here and for motorcycle riders, this means the end of the beautiful riding season is drawing to an end soon. Riding in the winter can be dangerous, as the roads are often icy and wet. This means, for most Wisconsin motorcycle riders, it is time to get off the roads and park the motorcycle for the winter.

Storing a motorcycle for the winter isn’t as easy as putting the motorcycle in the garage and leaving it until the beginning of the next riding season. The people who do this will be astonished at the deterioration of the motorcycle over the winter months, making it unsafe to ride come springtime.

To properly winterize your motorcycle, you should:

  • Change the oil. Even if you are not due for an oil change, you should still put fresh oil in. This will get rid of any by-products produced from combustion.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer. Fill up the gas tank and add a winterizing fuel conditioner. This will keep the fuel from going stale.
  • Store the battery. Remove the battery from the motorcycle. The battery should be recharged every two weeks.
  • Prepare the surface. Give your bike a fresh coat of wax. The wax will act as a barrier against rust and moisture. Also lightly spray all metal surfaces with WD-40.
  • Store it. Once you are ready to park your bike for the winter, find a place to keep dry and shielded from ice and snow. Cover it with a motorcycle tarp to protect it from any dust and moisture.

Winterizing your motorcycle will keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently for next spring. It can even prevent you from being involved in a Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois motorcycle accident.

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