how to properly pack luggage onto your motorcycle.


Time for a road trip! You've chosen your destination, planning is all sorted out, the route has been determined, made all the necessary preparations and it's time to pack up and roll out. It is essential to pack your luggage on a motorcycle properly. Unlike cars, you don't have an abundance of space to leisurely throw your bags in. You'll have to get creative and properly strap everything down to ensure nothing falls off along the way. It's bad enough to lose or damage an item while on the road. It's even worse when that item poses a danger to you and everyone else. 


This article will go over ways to properly pack your motorcycle to alleviate those sketchy packing methods used before. 




Luggage options will vary depending on which type of motorcycle an individual has. Certain motorcycles, such as touring bikes, usually come with saddlebags preinstalled on them. Regardless of what bike you have, investing in motorcycle-specific luggage will benefit you the most, as opposed to strapping on conventional luggage. This is because motorcycle-specific luggage can withstand the rigors of the road in ways conventional luggage can't. It is worth mentioning that using traditional luggage is an option. You'll have to make sure that everything is stored away correctly to avoid anything falling off. 



Everyone can adopt strategies for packing and positioning items in a more safe, space-efficient and secure way. Start by packing heavier items at the bottom of your bag. This will lower the center of gravity and keep your bags from shifting around. Next, if you have more than one bag, evenly distribute the weight among them. Doing this will prevent your bike from being lopsided. Lastly, pack your heaviest bags closest to your bike's center of gravity. It will centralize the mass without disrupting your suspension and handling. 



It's important to know the weight limits of your motorcycle. Excessive weight will overstress your straps, brackets and tie-downs to the point where they could potentially fail on you. Know your motorcycle's gross vehicle weight and make sure to stay under the weight limit. This will ensure that you get the best performance out of your suspension. 



Racks are a great way to strap your luggage onto your motorcycle. Most bikes come with some sort of factory-installed rack. However, if your bike did not come with a preinstalled rack, you can have one installed at almost any auto shop. 



Adjustable straps are the way to secure any odds and ends that you need to take with you. Adjustable straps offer more versatility than traditional bungee cords, and you won't have to worry about hooks scratching your paint job. A cargo net is also a great alternative when you need to strap down large items. 



Packing for a road trip doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor. Implementing these tips can help alleviate bottlenecks you may run across and help you get on that long-awaited road trip that you deserve. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE.

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