Wisconsin winters are long and cold, which is bad news for many Milwaukee motorcyclists who enjoy riding their bikes.

The idea of putting the motorcycle away from November to April is unappealing for some—and unthinkable for others. If you plan to continue riding your bike through the freezing temperatures, harsh winds, ice, and snow then it is important that you learn how to do so safely so that you can avoid hurting yourself, or others, in Milwaukee motorcycle crashes.

Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle This Winter

If you choose to ride your motorcycle in Milwaukee this winter then it is important to:

  • Be careful how you dress. You, of course, want to stay warm and to avoid the dangers of frostbite and other cold weather hazards. However, it is important that you don’t lose mobility by wearing too many bulky layers of clothing.
  • Avoid driving in the ice and snow. It is very difficult to balance a motorcycle in the ice and snow. If the roads are slippery then you should find another form of transportation.
  • Make sure your bike is ready for the cold weather. This may include having a windshield to protect you from fierce winds, making sure your bike has a good battery and proper oil, and having a mechanic check out your bike before winter weather approaches.

While these tips may help keep you safe this winter, the most important things that you can do are to know your own limits and to be diligent while riding your motorcycle.

Contact a Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Attorney If You’ve Been Hurt in a Bike Crash

Even if you do everything right, a winter motorcycle crash may still happen. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash then it is important to contact an experienced Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800. To find out more about how to protect your rights, contact us and ask for a copy of our FREE book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.