Trust your Madison motorcycle collision case to the legal team that has represented well over 1,000 riders—some of whom have received multi-million dollar settlements.

Most riders are careful and skilled, but even the best rider can be hurt by a distracted or negligent driver. If you were hurt due to the reckless or irresponsible behavior of another driver, or because of an unsafe or poorly designed roadwe can help

You may be facing serious, life-threatening injuries which can leave you unable to work and with an uncertain future. You may need help paying for medical bills and repairing your motorcycle, and in the worst case you may need compensation for the loss of a loved one. Our motorcycle wreck attorneys have a proven track record—let us put our experience to work for you to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.

Why do you want Hupy and Abraham to handle your motorcycle crash case?

  • You deserve a law firm with strong experience with complex medical issues.  Motorcycle riders often suffer from serious injuries after a wreck.  Brain injuries, spinal cord damage, back and neck injuries, multiple fractures, and serious road rash can be difficult to diagnosis and treat, and may require rehabilitation.  Evaluating the long-term consequences of a serious injury requires experience.
  • You need a law firm that knows how to deal with the motorcycle insurance industry.  Insurance companies have a powerful arsenal to protect their profits and they will use every trick in the book to fight a serious injury claim. Our skilled Madison motorcycle crash attorneys have dealt with insurance adjustors enough to know how they work.  We know how to get results that will make a difference in your life. (link to Testimonials).
  • You could use an attorney who knows how a motorcycle works.  Winning your case requires attention to detail - the kind of detail that a lawyer who does not ride motorcycles may not understand. Whether arguing against insurance companies or convincing juries in court, our attorneys are riders themselves, which gives them the knowledge they need about motorcycle crashes, their causes, consequences and settlement values.
  • You want a large firm with a local presence.  Our 13 highly qualified attorneys and 100 strong legal staff give us the power, flexibility and competence to tackle the most complicated cases, and to successfully pursue large recoveries on our clients' behalf. The fact that we are located in Madison is not just convenient for you, it means we know the local court system, medical experts, law enforcement agencies, ane more.
  • You need a law firm that cares.  We use our passion for justice to make sure that our clients can recover and rebuild their lives. But at Hupy and Abraham we also care about our community, and we believe in giving back.  We are actively involved in raising money, making donations, sponsoring and organizing events, supporting communities, offering rewards, supporting research, feeding the needy, tutoring, educating, and funding scholarships. At Hupy and Abraham our mission is to do well by doing good.

Don't hesitate to call Hupy and Abraham now toll-free at 888-277-4879 or locally at 608-277-7777. Our personal injury attorneys in Madison, WI offer free, no obligation consultation to discuss your accident and injuries.