Few places in the United States boast as much motorcycling popularity as the state of Wisconsin. Danger and thrills have always gone hand in hand when it comes to riding a motorcycle, and these important safety facts will make you more aware on the road:

The Bad News:

  • Motorcyclists are almost 32 percent more likely to die in a collision than people who drive cars. It is that much more important to be a defensive driver when riding a motorcycle around larger vehicles.
  • Drunk driving and speeding were the two leading factors in 68 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes in 2009. Something as simple as refraining from driving while intoxicated or exceeding the speed limit can save hundreds of lives each year.
  • About 90 percent of motorcycle crashes in 2009 happened on dry roads. While winter conditions can be difficult for motorcyclists, they are not the cause of the majority of accidents. 
  • Fatal collisions are most common in the populous region of southeast Wisconsin. More densely populated areas may mean more riders, as well as more crowded roads and highways.
  • Weekends see the highest spike in motorcycle crashes. At a time when many motorists are intent on enjoying the end of the week, it’s crucial to stay cautious.

The Good News:

  • 2011 saw an almost 18 percent decrease in Wisconsin motorcycle deaths.
  • The Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program offers statewide training programs for riders from all experience and skill levels.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers courses and manuals to promote safe motorcycle use.
  • Most crashes can be prevented with good preparation and focused, cautious driving.

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