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Listening to music is undoubtedly one of the best pastimes for many people in the world. Music has the ability to benefit a person's mood, mental health and boosts creativity. While listening to music can be done during most activities, a few exceptions may raise a few eyebrows and wonder if it's ok to do it. Riding a motorcycle while listening to music would fall into this category of questions. While it is not illegal to listen to music while riding, there are certain ways to go about it while being mindful of specific laws and dangers. 


How riders listen to music will vary from state to state since laws and regulations differ. In a car, you simply turn on your radio, and you're set to go. A bike, is a little more of a tricky situation. A common question among riders revolves around headphones and earbuds. The reason is that several states ban the use of them while on a motorcycle. If you're ever curious to see what your state's laws are regarding headphones, the American Automobile Association (AAA) will be able to inform the laws of each state. However, to a baseline level, there are ways that you can listen to music in a safe and reliable manner across the board. 


A safer way to listen while riding:


One of the most common ways to listen to music is to use a stereo system. A good amount of riders prefer this method, while another good amount find it annoying. The reason is that everyone around you can hear what you're listening to, and depending on where you are and what you're listening to, it could raise a few looks. Still, a stereo system is a great option to go with when you're out on the open road for miles. 


The second best is to invest in a Bluetooth system headset. If you are unfamiliar with a Bluetooth helmet, it is essentially a helmet with speakers installed in it. The convenience that a Bluetooth system provides is a hands-free listening experience. Most Bluetooth systems also have the ability to work with your GPS as well, so you can receive directions and listen to music without lifting a finger. 




Naturally, many riders will have questions about volume, regardless of whether they have a stereo system or Bluetooth. Similar to when riding in a car, you should never listen to music that is so loud that you can't hear your surrounding environment. Not only can you damage your hearing from prolonged exposure, but it is also dangerous because you are reducing your awareness of other vehicles on the road. Riding on a motorcycle is loud enough on its own, there is no need to run the risk of damaging your hearing by listening to music at the top level. For more related articles, visit


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