It’s May in Milwaukee. The winter snow has melted and the drudgery of everyday life is interrupted for many teens by the excitement of proms, awards banquets, graduations, and parties. It is time for King International High School juniors and seniors—and students at Milwaukee’s 36 other public high schools—to celebrate what they have already achieved and to look forward to what comes next.

Unless a Car Accident Wrecks it All

While these end of school year celebrations may be well deserved for some teens and may be a rite of passage for many teens, they are not without risks. All it takes is one driver to drive drunk on a major interstate like Rock Freeway or to be distracted while driving on a local road like West Olive Street for all of the fun to end and for it all to be replaced by tragedy.

Accordingly, many groups are observing Global Youth Traffic Safety Month this May. The groups may be observing Global Youth Traffic Safety Month in different ways, but their goal is the same. Their goal is to prevent tragedies, fatalities, and injuries among teen drivers and their passengers.

What You Can Do

If you are a teen driver then you can:

  • Pledge to drive sober and alert. Sign a pledge that says that you will not drink any alcohol and not engage in any distracted driving behavior, such as using a cell phone while driving.
  • Attend a mock crash. Find out what really happens in a serious car crash.
  • Understand what you are risking by engaging in dangerous behavior behind the wheel. Is it worth seriously hurting someone else or killing yourself or someone you love?

f you are the parent of a teen driver, if you have a friend who is a teen driver, or if you simply know someone who is a teen driver in Milwaukee then we encourage you to share this article on Facebook or via email so that you can help prevent tragedy in our community this year.

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