As the parent of a 16-year-old, you have already faced difficult parenting decisions. However, that doesn’t make this particular decision any easier. Your child may be asking to drive somewhere that takes her on U.S. Route 41, but is she ready? She is looking to you for permission and you have to decide if she is ready to drive on the freeway.

It Isn’t a Simple Yes or No

We can’t give you a checklist and tell you that if your child gets a certain number of checks then she is ready to drive on US 41. It isn’t that easy. Instead, as a parent you are going to have to weigh everything that you know about:

  • Your child’s personality.
  • Your child’s preparation.
  • Your child’s driving ability.
  • Road and weather conditions.
  • Other relevant factors.

You are going to have to trust yourself to make the right decision for your child, and you are going to have to be willing to say no if you have legitimate concerns about your child’s safety. The potential consequences of an accident on US 41 are too serious to risk if your child isn’t ready. Your child may be angry with you for telling her she can’t make the trip, but she will be alive to be with you another day.

For more information about teen driving safety, please read our related links provided on this page and please check our website regularly for additional updates.

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