Dog bite injuries may be severe enough to require amputation of a limb or digit

There may have been a lot of blood and tremendous amount of pain after you were bitten by a dog. You were likely scared at the time of the dog bite, but you never imagined that your arm, hand, or finger, or your leg, foot, or toe was going to have to be amputated.

How Did This Happen?

Generally, a dog bite may result in an amputation injury if:

  • The bite was so significant that it makes reattachment of the limb impossible. The nerves and bones may have been so badly injured that reattachment is unlikely to be successful.
  • Infection has set in at the bite site and the infection cannot be cured. In this case, you may be faced with the horrible option of losing your limb or losing your life due to the dog bite infection.

Either way, the dog bite injury can change your whole life.

What to Do If You Lose a Limb or Digit

If someone else’s dog has bitten or attacked you and cost you a limb, a finger, or a toe, then you need to know how to protect yourself. You need to know how to recover for all of your past and future medical bills and lost income. You need to know who is going to pay for your out-of-pocket costs and your pain and suffering.

As you negotiate for your fair recovery, it is important to keep in mind your past and future:

  • Medical costs. This includes doctors’ appointments and surgeries.
  • Pain management needs. This includes medications and alternative treatments.
  • Need for prosthetics or assistive devices. This includes medical equipment such as artificial limbs, wheelchairs, and adjustable beds.
  • Therapy. This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological therapy.
  • Ability to work. Will you be able to hold a job? Will your earning power be limited by your injury?
  • Need for assistance in the home. Will you need a nurse or other professional to help you?
  • Ability to live independently. Will you be able to do so without live-in care?
  • Renovations to the home or refitting of a vehicle. Will your require ramps, specialized knobs, or other modifications in the home or a car?
  • Emotional suffering. The loss of an arm, leg, hand, foot, finger, or toe is significant and can cause you severe emotional suffering.

All of these things, and other costs unique to your injury, should be considered in determining the cost of your future needs. Once you have an idea of what those needs may be and what they will cost, then you can make sure that you do everything that you can to protect your fair recovery.

You can learn more about your rights in our FREE dog bite brochure and you can start an online chat with us at any time if you’ve been hurt.

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