Cornbelters and Kernals Collegiate League

Stands at The Corn Crib in Normal, Illinois, are full of baseball fans this summer. The Cornbelters and Kernals Collegiate League have been hitting home runs throughout their 2021 season. Hupy and Abraham is thrilled to sponsor both The Cornbelters and The Kernals Collegiate League during their 2021 season and catch a few games this summer.

Hupy and Abraham has been attending games during the summer. Fans are greeted with a smile by our staff when walking up to the Hupy and Abraham booth on the main concourse.

The Cornbelters and Kernals Collegiate League still have a big season ahead of them this summer. Fans can cheer them on by checking out their game schedule here.

Coming up this summer, Hupy and Abraham has a plethora of fun events. Check out our event schedule here!

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