Many of us have our cell phones with us constantly. We use them for everything from communicating with our families, to getting directions, to checking the latest news and sports scores, to taking pictures. They are undoubtedly useful in our everyday lives, but they can also be important safety tools when we are involved in or when we witness a dog bite accident.

How Your Cell Phone May Be Vital at the Scene of a Dog Attack

Your first and most important goal is to limit the amount of damage done when a dog attacks you, your child, or someone else. Thus, if you can move to safety it is important to do so without a second thought to using your cell phone. However, if the dog has already bitten and has been contained, or if you are in a position to see what’s happening but not close enough to help the victim, then you might consider using your cell phone to:

1.Call for help. Now is not the time to text or use social media. Use your phone as a phone and call 911, the local police, or your doctor for help.

2.Shoot video. Do you notice anything about the dog or accident scene that could quickly be changed? It could be important to shoot video from the accident scene that could later be used to determine why the accident happened.

3.Take pictures. Pictures of the victim, the dog, and the surrounding area may also be important.

In other words, your cell phone could be useful in getting you immediate medical help and an eventual legal and financial recovery.

Call an Illinois Dog Bite Attorney Today for More Information

Whether or not you used your cell phone at the time of your dog bite injury, you may be able to recover for the injuries you suffered as a result of the dog bite. We encourage you to learn more about your rights by calling an experienced Illinois dog bite lawyer today at 309-862-4800 or 866-532-4800 toll-free and by downloading a FREE copy of our Dog Bites Brochure.

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