You can’t go back and prevent the fall that caused your head injury. Instead, you are left with managing your recovery. If you’ve suffered a concussion after you’ve hit your head in a fall then it is important to know what steps to take to protect your recovery. Otherwise, your recovery may be harder and take longer than it otherwise would take.

Five Steps You Should TakeSlip and fall warning sign

You’ve already taken an important first step. You’ve seen a doctor and you’ve had your head injury diagnosed. You know that you have a concussion. The question now is what you to do about it. Some of the steps that you should take include:

  • Following your doctors’ orders. This will likely include rest. You may be unable to go back to work or school immediately and you may need to avoid certain activities.
  • Making arrangements with your employer or school. If you are going to be out of work or school or if you are going to need a modified schedule, then you are going to need to notify your employer or school.
  • Arranging for help at home. You may be unable to drive, to cook, or to take care of your home while you are recovering.
  • Informing others of your condition. Don’t be shy about telling others that you have suffered a concussion. If, for example, you play on a sports team or do volunteer work, then you should let those in charge know about your condition so that they can watch you for symptoms and accommodate your needs.
  • Finding out why you fell. If someone else’s negligence resulted in your injury then you may be able to recover. If you need help figuring out the cause of your fall or whether your fall should result in legal action then you can contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.

You didn’t cause your accident. However, you are going to have to take charge of your recovery. You cannot depend on the property owner to provide you with a fair recovery. Instead, you are going to have to fight for your own fair and just recovery by following the steps outlined above.

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