Everyone seems to be pointing fingers at everyone else after a truck hit you while you were riding your motorcycle. The trucker says it wasn’t his fault. You know that it wasn’t your fault.

As you recover from the significant physical damages that occurred from the truck accident, you may be overwhelmed with the pointing fingers. Who is really responsible for your Iowa motorcycle accident? How will you recover the compensation that you need for the damages that have been done?

Three Possible Defendants When a Truck Hits a Motorcycle

The trucker may (or may not) be right. Generally, if a truck causes a truck motorcycle accident then there are several possible defendants. Those defendants may include:

  • The trucker. If the trucker himself was negligent, drunk, or otherwise legally responsible for the accident then it might be appropriate to seek damages from the trucker or the trucker’s insurer.
  • The trucking company. If the trucking company had unsafe policies or procedures, or was otherwise negligent, then the trucking company or the trucker’s employer may be liable for the damages resulting from your accident.
  • The truck manufacturer or maintenance person. If there was a problem with the truck itself that caused the crash, then the company that made the truck or the company or person who fixed the truck could be liable for the damages resulting from the accident.

In some cases, there may also be other people or businesses liable for the accident. It is important to identify the proper defendants so that your recovery is not delayed.

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