In recent years motorcycling has become very popular. The savings that a motorcycle brings to a rider has helped raise the number of motorcycle licenses issued by 27 percent in the last ten years. Unfortunately, this has also increased the frequency of motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin.

The most common type of Wisconsin motorcycle accident is the rear-end collision. The majority of rear-end collisions are completely unexpected by the motorcyclist. Knowing how to avoid a rear-end collision can greatly cut the risk of being injured.

Some tips to avoid a Madison rear-end bike collision are:

  • Use your mirrors. Knowing when other vehicles are behind you will allow you to make appropriate adjustments if you feel they are causing you danger. Using your mirrors will allow you to do track the location of vehicles approaching from the rear.
  • Avoid tailgaters. Keep an eye out for vehicles that are following to close behind you. If you feel they are too close, switch lanes or pull over and wave the vehicle by.
  • Don’t tailgate. If you are following too closely to another vehicle, and that vehicle brakes quickly, you will in turn have to brake quickly. This can cause others behind you to rear-end you.
  • Use your signals. Properly using your signals will allow others on the road what you going to do. Before you begin your ride, ensure that all your signal lights are working correctly.

You may be able to lower your odds of being struck on your motorcycle, but unfortunately, many times a Wisconsin motorcycle accident is unavoidable. If you have been a victim of a rear-end motorcycle wreck—or any other accident—it is important to seek legal assistance.

Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorney at Hupy and Abraham can assist you with your case. Contact their Madison office today at 608-277-7777 (local) or 888-277-4879 (toll-free) for a free consultation. At your request, they will also send you the book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims, at no cost.

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