Serious Help for Gurnee Motorcycle Crash Victims and Their Families

Gurnee motorcyclists are a breed apart. They know that the thrill of unconstrained movement they get from riding a powerful bike also requires self-control and driving skill. Unfortunately, many Illinois motorcyclists are victims, not of their own recklessness, but of distracted or aggressive drivers, of drivers under the influence of alcohol, or of unsafe and unmarked road conditions.

If you or someone you care for has been in a serious motorcycle crash in the Gurnee area, getting over it and rebuilding your life may well be a long and arduous process. This is why, before selecting your legal advisor, we think you should ask Hupy and Abraham some hard questions, like:


  • How do you deal with serious medical issues? We may be talking about traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage, road rash or multiple fractures. In your struggle to get adequate care, to choose the right medical experts, to assess the present and future costs of treatment and rehabilitation, and to adapt to the possibility of long-term impairment, our attorneys have the medical proficiency and experience to offer you practical advice and solutions, and to make the strongest medical argument to build your case.
  • Do you know anything about motorcycles? Only riders understand riders. How can you explain to a car driver-let alone a lawyer-that the smallest jolt to a bike's front wheel can cause it to flip, or that sudden braking or turning is impossible on a wet surface? Only a rider-lawyer will be able to properly evaluate the circumstances of your crash and put them in the right perspective. Hupy and Abraham's many attorneys are passionate riders who have been involved in safety campaigns and have advocated for Gurnee riders' rights for decades.
  • Are you willing to fight for me? Precisely because Gurnee motorcycle collisions can have such devastating consequences, your claim for compensation will be fiercely contested by the defendant. Our attorneys will help you prove the other party's fault, collect witness reports, request expert advice, fight the insurance company's underhanded tactics, and advise you whether to accept a settlement or go to court. Most of all, our attorneys will fight passionately for you, because we understand what you are going through and what a fair settlement means to you.
  • Do you get results? You are not interested in a law firm that claims to be good. You want a proven track record. You want to make the right choice, and you trust results far more than promises. Our long list of successful settlements won over many years of practice has allowed us to build a strong legal team. We employ a number of highly qualified attorneys and a huge legal staff to resolve the most complex cases and fight the biggest defendants. One of the accomplishments we are most proud of is that Hupy & Abraham was voted the best personal-injury law firm in a Gurnee Readers' Poll in both 2008 and 2009.
  • How well do you know Gurnee? We have always been based in Gurnee-your top motorcycle crash attorney is no stranger. You want a personal injury lawyer in Gurnee who comes from the same region as you, who has a reputation to defend, who is familiar with the local people and road conditions, and who knows the state laws and local insurance adjusters, medical experts, and courts. Above all, you want a lawyer who can give you immediate practical support, referring you to local experts and services to help you out.
  • Are you in this business just for the money? The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham owe their success to the people of Gurnee. Long ago, we pledged to be give some of it back and became actively involved in raising money, making donations, sponsoring and organizing events, supporting communities, offering rewards, supporting research, feeding the needy, tutoring, educating, and funding scholarships. At Hupy and Abraham our mission is to do well by doing good.

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