Motorcyclist on busy streets in Illinois at nightFor years, motorcycle riders have been advised that the safest way to avoid a motorcycle accident is to lay down the motorcycle.

The technique of laying down the motorcycle was at one point the best decision. This is because many years ago, motorcycles lacked the technology and capabilities that modern motorcycles now have. In fact, older motorcycles had brakes that were so bad that it was actually safer to slide and tumble off the bike.

Laying down a motorcycle to avoid an Illinois motorcycle accident can almost guarantee one thing: that the rider will be injured. Laying down a motorcycle often results in head injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, road rash, and a totaled bike.

What techniques should a rider do to avoid an accident?

The alternative to laying down a motorcycle is to learn how to properly avoid a crash. Some of the techniques that are useful in avoiding a motorcycle crash in Gurnee are:

  • Stay upright. The rubber on the tires provides a great deal of traction. By contrast to, the metal and chrome of the motorcycle provides virtually no traction or maneuverability when the bike slides out of control during a lay-down.
  • Brake quickly. Newer motorcycles now have amazing braking capabilities. To stop quickly, both brakes should be applied at the same time. If the front wheel locks up, release both brakes and reapply the rear brake. If the rear brake becomes locked, it is best to keep it locked until you have stopped.
  • Swerve. To avoid a possible collision, a rider should learn how to quickly swerve the motorcycle around objects and vehicles. It is important to be aware of other vehicles and not swerve into them.

Illinois motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous and have a high rate of injuries. If you have been involved in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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