a fender-bender car collision


Fender benders are a part of everyday life. Additionally, many accidents happen the same way. While it is always imperative to take the necessary precautions behind the wheel, being critically aware of these common collisions can help avoid them from ever happening. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), here are the most common types of collisions with tips to help you avoid them. 



Head-on collisions


What they are: Head-on or front-impact collisions are when the front end of one vehicle strikes another vehicle or an object. 


How to avoid: Head-on collisions are often attributed to weather conditions and slippery roads. Adjusting your driving to different weather conditions and equipping your car with the essential parts will minimize the likelihood of front-end collisions. Another tip is to keep all distractions such as cell phones at bay while driving. 



Rear-end collisions


What they are: These types of collisions happen most in traffic when a car strikes the end of another for various reasons. One of the most common ways rear-end accidents happen is from tailgating another driver and not leaving enough space to brake. 


How to avoid: The best way to prevent rear-end accidents is not to tailgate another driver in case they slam on their brakes. If you are being tailgated, try to switch lanes and let the other driver pass. This alleviates the need for you to drive at a speed you're not comfortable with. 


Parking-lot collisions


What they are: Dented bumpers in parking lots are all too common nowadays. They usually happen when a car is backing out of parking spaces, or individuals speeding through parking lots. 


How to avoid: It's good practice to check your surrounding area to make sure it is clear to back out before entering your car. Having a camera installed on the back of your vehicle helps as well in this case. If you don't mind the extra walking distance, park farther away from other cars. 


Side-impact collisions


What they are: Commonly referred to as a "T-bone" or a "sideswipe," these collisions often occur after confusion of who has the right of way. Sideswipes are often the result of a side impact between cars driving parallel to one another in different lanes. 


How to avoid: Be extra vigilant at four-way stops and don't try to speed up to pass a yellow light. Practicing defensive driving techniques is the best way to minimize the chances of a side-impact collision. 



Unfortunately, car accidents are a part of everyday life. While you may not be able to rule out the chances of an accident entirely, implementing these tips can significantly reduce the possibility of happening. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE.

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