best Milwaukee bike wreck lawyerAfter getting in a motorcycle accident, there are many skilled personal injury attorneys out there, and there’s no way to compare each one against all others. With patience and a bit of research, though, you may be able to find one that is the best fit for you: an experienced Milwaukee bike wreck lawyer who shares your values and priorities and who will give you advice while letting you make the crucial decisions for your own case.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle collision that was the fault of another person, then you are probably considering action to get compensation for your losses. There are many attorneys in your area who advertise on television and online and they all flash their credentials at you: the schools they attended, the years they have practiced, the huge settlements they have scored for their clients.

How to Cut Through the Clutter and Find the Right Bike Accident Lawyer in Milwaukee

In many cases, you won’t even bother. “I’ll go with Lawyer X,” you say, “because when my friend Joe had his car accident, he hired X.” It’s only a couple months later that Joe reminds you how much he hated working with Lawyer X. “The guy never told me what was happening with my case, never returned my phone calls. He got me enough money, I guess, but I never thought he was working for me.”

Don’t Hire Lawyer X

If you want a Milwaukee bike wreck lawyer who’s the best fit for you, you’re going to have to do some work. Certainly you can ask your friends if they have had particularly good experiences with specific personal injury lawyers (and it’s crucial to learn which lawyers to avoid). Look at the motorcycle accident lawyers who advertise in your area, then turn on the computer and do some research:

  • Look for a bike wreck lawyer with experience in your case area. An attorney who specializes in dog-bite cases may not be the best motorcycle accident lawyer for you.
  • See whether former clients have been willing to recommend this lawyer on his law firm website.
  • Look at professional evaluation websites, such as Martindale-Hubble and AVVO, to see what other attorneys and former clients have to say about the lawyer you’re considering.
  • Order promotional materials from the attorney’s law firm, if available. Many lawyers make a booklet or DVD to give to prospective clients for free. Reading or examining these materials will give you a good sense of the law firm’s commitment and attitude.
  • Talk with your Milwaukee bike wreck lawyer candidate on the phone. You will learn whether they are a clear and effective communicator.
  • Meet with your lawyer candidate. Almost every motorcycle accident attorney will offer a free initial consultation where you can get to know the attorney and get her first impression of your case. This is a no-obligation meeting; you are still free after the meeting to find a lawyer who better suits your personal style. You should come prepared with a list of questions not only about your case but also about the lawyer and her firm. Your Milwaukee bike wreck lawyer candidate should tell you about her fees at this meeting. They should be frank in discussing any weaknesses they see in your case, as well as using this occasion to convince you that their firm would be a great fit for your needs.

Consider Our Experienced Milwaukee Bike Wreck Lawyer at Hupy and Abraham

Our Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer at the Hupy and Abraham law firm is ready to work for you. Our experienced personal injury lawyers have handled hundreds of traffic accident cases, and our firm has a long-standing tradition of support for the Wisconsin rider community.

You can set up a free, confidential consultation with our experienced Milwaukee bike wreck lawyer by calling (800) 800-5678 (toll-free), or by filling out the online form. Just for calling, we will send you a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims (detailed video below), even if you do not hire us as your legal team.