Because Wisconsin night riding is such a common cause of motorcycle accidents, some riders may prefer to forego it entirely. However, sometimes it is necessary to ride your motorcycle in the dark. For those times, there are several steps that can be taken to prevent a Wisconsin motorcycle accident. Consider the following safe night riding tips:

  • Be Observant. One of the most important elements of nighttime motorcycle safety is the ability to see and judge your surroundings. This includes being on the lookout for deer or other wild animals that may cross your path, as well as potholes or other road obstructions that may be difficult to spot in the dark.
  • Make Yourself Highly Visible. While this is always important for motorcyclists, extra care should be taken to wear bright and reflective garments while riding in the dark. Along with outfitting yourself in easy-to-see colors, consider adding adhesive reflective decals to your helmet and bike as well.
  • Know Your Brake Lights. Before riding at night, it is crucial to examine your brake light to make sure it is a proper size and angle for use in the dark. While many bike makers outfit their brake lights with small bulbs that point toward the street, brighter bulbs are available for purchase at around $10. Spending a little bit of extra time on your brake lights could prevent a rear-end accident while night riding.
  • Activate Your High-Beam Headlights. Even during the day, it is recommended to ride with your brights on, and at night it can mean the difference between an accident and a peaceful ride. You may also choose to add dual running headlights to your bike, as a single light can be more difficult to notice.
  • Leave Plenty of Space. While riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, driving fast or close to cars at nighttime is not worth the thrill. Leave plenty of space between yourself and other drivers in case of an unexpected obstacle.

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