It is late April, the weather is getting warm and motorcycles are coming out of winter storage. Many Wisconsin motorcycle accident injuries can be prevented with good maintenance. Before you hit the road, our Wisconsin motorcycle lawyers would like to offer a few tips to help you get your motorcycle in shape for the riding season.

  • Check the fuel system. If you added fuel stabilizer before parking for the winter, you are in good shape. If you didn’t, than your fuel tank may be a mess. Over the winter, the volatile chemicals in gasoline can evaporate leaving a brown mixture called varnish. Varnish can clog the small jets in your carburetor, causing sluggish performance, hard starting, or no starting. You will need to clean out the remaining gas, use a carburetor fluid to remove residue, and, if necessary, disassemble the carburetors and give them a good cleaning.
  • Replace the gas. Even if you used a stabilizer, you should replace your gas. You may have had condensation in your tank, which can affect gas quality. Drain the old gas and start fresh.
  • Check your battery. Add distilled water to any cells that need it, and then charge the battery with a trickle charger until it is ready to use. Clean off any corrosion on the battery terminals.
  • Change the oil and check your filter.
  • Spring is a good time for routine maintenance. Check your hoses for damage, cracks and kinks; check your fluids and refill or change if necessary; adjust the chain, check it for wear, and make sure it is oiled. Check your air filter and clean it if necessary. Check your lights and replace any dim or burnt out bulbs. Make sure your reflectors are properly mounted.
  • Check tire pressure in both tires. The cold temperatures of winter can cause tire pressure to drop. Check your tires for worn tread, bulges, cracks or punctures. Replace them if necessary.
  • Oil the engine. While the spark plugs are out, check them and see if any need to be replaced.
  • Check your brakes and pads. Make sure that you have plenty of brake fluid. 
  • Give your bike a good cleaning to remove the winter’s dust. Check the exhaust pipes and air intakes. Remove any rags that you used to keep animals out and inspect your bike for any damage.
  • Take a test ride. Before going for a long ride, find a quiet parking lot and brush up on your skills, especially your turns and emergency maneuvers.

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