how to spend valentine's day on your motorcycle!


With Valentine's Day fast approaching, love will undoubtedly be in the air over the coming weeks. Couples will soon be planning dating ideas and surprises for each other in various ways. However, couples who are riders also have the luxury of going on dates that revolve around motorcycle enthusiasts' activities. While motorcycle rides are a fun activity within itself, going on motorcycle rides during a date will ensure a good time.


Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with ideas for "motorcycle dates." Luckily, there are more creative ideas than you may realize. This article will go over a few motorcycle date ideas that you and your loved one can enjoy. 


  1. Cafe hopping: If there was ever a chain of cafes on your list to try, cafe hopping as a date is a great option while riding your bike to each location. You could treat yourself at each location and rank which one is the best by the end of the day.
  2. Sunrise/sunset drive: While this may be on the cheesy side of dates, most reverse that opinion when they decide to do a sunrise or sunset drive. Going on a drive during these times in a car versus on a motorcycle makes a huge difference, which is why it's a perfect date idea.
  3. National parks: Taking a ride through a national park with a loved one is a perfect date idea for anyone. You're able to immerse yourself in the landscape much easier on your bike and with the company of your date. 
  4. Scavenger hunt: This can be a great way to explore a city with your significant other, while adding surprises along the way. Having a scavenger hunt will allow you to be creative in having your date find specific spots throughout your area.
  5. Geocaching: Geocaching is an activity where coordinates direct you to an object with a piece of paper to sign, signifying that you found it. There may also be some toy or ornament stored within the container and various clues. Using your bike as transportation for this activity can ensure a good time. 


These are just a few great options to choose from when deciding to treat your loved one on a special day. What also helps is that all activities listed above are outdoors and can be done in a socially distant manner during times of Covid. For more resources on motorcycle information, visit


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