Whether you love helmets or hate them, you’ll have to admit that this is a cool idea. The Reevu MSX1 is the first motorcycle helmet with a rear view mirror system. According to the manufacturer, the MSX1 is a finely crafted motorcycle helmet that meets all safety standards, including British Motorcycle Sport ACU Gold standards, NMETRO (Brazil) safety requirements, and U.S. DOT standards.

Reviewers also love the helmet. RevZilla claims the helmet is well made and very solid. They liked the internal liner, which is fully removable and can be custom fit to the owner’s head and gave the helmet an “outstanding” rating.

But—we want to know—what about the rear view mirror?

The Reevu website claims that the mirror is easily adjusted to allow you to see the vehicles behind you, much like the centrally located rearview mirror in your car. Reviewers said that the mirror worked as advertised, but it took some practice to learn how to use it.

What we really want to know is can it prevent accidents? In theory, it can. Most Illinois motorcycle accidents occur because the driver of a passenger vehicle doesn’t see the rider. The Reevu MSX1 won’t help distracted Gurnee drivers see you and your bike, but it will help you see them. If you can see the driver, you may be better able to anticipate his moves and get out of the way.

Do you own a Reevu MSX1? Is the rearview mirror a good idea? Post a comment and let us know.

The helmet retails for around $400 and is available online.

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