If you have been injured by a prescription drug or a medical device, then your primary goal is your physical recovery. You see doctors and you follow their advice with the hope that you will make the maximum medical recovery. If you can recover and be as healthy as you were before the injury occurred, then your recovery will be successful.

Yet You May Still Do Better

Your recovery may be successful, but it may still be incomplete. Your primary goal of physical recovery has, thankfully, been achieved, but there are two other goals that you have the ability to fight for that may not be achieved unless you pursue legal action against the drug manufacturer or medical device maker who caused you harm. Specifically, joining a Milwaukee pharmaceutical class action lawsuit may allow you to:

  • Recover financial damages. Your health insurance may cover some of your medical bills, but you may still have to pay out of pocket for some expenses. Additionally, your health insurance will not cover your other financial losses such as lost income and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Convince the company to be more diligent and to avoid future mistakes that cause others harm. You may be protecting your own health, that of your family and friends, and that of countless Americans by holding the pharmaceutical company responsible for their mistakes and pressuring the company to produce safer products.

You do not have to fight on your own. Just as your doctor is helping you with your physical recovery, a Milwaukee class action lawyer can help you fight for your financial recovery and fight to hold the pharmaceutical company liable.

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