Hupy and Abraham attends Winnebago County Fair in Pecatonica, IL.

August 18-22, the Winnebago County Fairgrounds had attendees excited to return to the fair. Everyone was happy to attend the Winnebago County Fair. Hupy and Abraham attended the fair all five days.


The atmosphere of the Winnebago County Fair was welcoming and inviting. Guests stopped by the Hupy and Abraham booth inside the Moss Exhibit Hall. They were greeted with a smile because our staff loves to connect with the community.


Throughout the fair, the Winnebago County Fair had a wide variety of events scheduled. Some activities included the carnival, truck races, tractor pulls and a demo derby. There was something for everyone at the Winnebago County Fair!


Hupy and Abraham believes it is important to connect with the community and was thrilled to attend the 2021 Winnebago County Fair. Stay up to date on all the fun things happening in your area by checking out our events calendar!

Jason F. Abraham
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