Gift Ideas For Cyclists

It can be difficult to buy a useful AND affordable holiday gift for a bicycle lover, especially in the winter when inspiration is hard to come by. But have no fear, we’ve selected ten fun and functional gifts that the cyclists in your life are sure to love – and may even keep them safe!

  1. A Fancy Bike Bell: This bike bell is not only attractive; it also emits a resonant ring and can be heard from 100 feet away. Great way to let pedestrians and other cyclists know you’re near!

Bicycle Bell

  1. A Rain Fender: Do you know a cyclist who frequently rides to work (or everywhere) – even in the rain? Try this easily removable fender that deflects rear-wheel spray away from the rider and others!

Bicycle Rain Fender

  1. A Mini Tire Pump: Cut down on the time to change a flat with an efficient mini pump that fits in the smallest of saddlebags. Lightweight and great in a pinch! It even comes with a glueless patch kit.

Bicycle Tire Pump

  1. Bicycle Bookends: Bring your hobby indoors with some simple décor! Sturdy, attractive and the perfect gift for someone who loves to both read and ride!

Bicycle Book Ends

  1. A High-Tech Taillight: This bike light is crazy bright, and even has a group ride mode so you don’t blind your friends. Best of all, it includes a  “virtual lane” feature that broadcasts parallel lasers, creating a five-foot “lane” around the rider, which causes drivers to give them more room while riding!

Bicycle Tailight

  1. A Road Rash First-Aid Kit: Accidents happen on a bike, and it’s really important to have a first-aid kit on hand. This compact kit is specifically designed to help patch up areas of road rash from where skin rubbed against the road or street, and stop the bleeding until it can be redressed.

Bicycle First Aid Kit

  1. Magnetic Bike Lights: These bike lights are magnetic so they stick to the bike wherever cyclists choose to put it. The most popular spot will be at the front of the bike below the handlebars. They help mimic lights on a car and help the cyclist see and be seen at night.

Bicycle Magnetic Light

  1. Fixie Pizza Cutter: Here’s something fun for the cyclist who prefers to indulge in a slice or two after a long ride (or one who rides because of their love for pizza)! It rolls along the pizza just as if it were rolling down the street.

Novelty Bicycle Pizza Cutter

  1. Wireless Bicycle Turn Signals: Sometimes not even hand signals seem to be enough to catch the attention of other drivers. Why not use an indicator light, like the ones the other drivers are used to seeing? This turn signal has a wireless remote that mounts on the handlebars and has six easy-to-use buttons. It also functions as a general taillight, is waterproof AND has a virtual lane option that displays a laser lane (like the taillight on #4) on the ground so drivers leave the rider plenty of room.

Bicycle Turn Signals

  1. A Generator that Attaches to the Axle and Charges USB Devices: A combination generator and charger with integrated “dynamo” that attaches to the rear of your bicycle and provides a 5V charge capable of charging iPhones and most Android and other low-power devices. Perfect for someone who spends a lot of time on their bike, and their phone!

Bicycle USB Charger

At the law firm of Hupy and Abraham, we want to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the many benefits of bicycling while also being safety conscious! Check back frequently for updated gift ideas, riding tips and news about bicycle laws and safety. You can also request a FREE “Watch for Cycles” sticker to complement your gift here!
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