If your doctor was negligent in prescribing the drug and prescribed a drug that was not safe for you to take, then your doctor could be responsible for the injury caused by medication. However, if the drug would have been prescribed by a reasonable doctor and your doctor had reason to believe in the drug’s safety, then it may not be your doctor’s fault that you were injured.

For example, it may not be your doctor’s fault if the drug that you took was:

  • Contaminated before entering the market.
  • Not thoroughly researched prior to entering the market or after it had been on the market.
  • Not appropriately tracked for possible side effects once it entered the market.
  • Otherwise compromised.

In these cases it is not the doctor but more typically the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the drug that is responsible for your injuries.

While you likely do not know the drug manufacturers in the same way that you know and trust your doctor, drug companies do have responsibilities to you. If you have been hurt by a prescription drug or medical device then you may have a case against the drug or medical device manufacturer. You may be able to recover damages for the harm that has been caused.

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