Wisconsin night riding is dangerous for obvious reasons, but even more so because motorcyclists must be aware not only of themselves, but also of all vehicles nearby. Nighttime is far more dangerous for a motorcyclist than a motorist for the following reasons: 

  • Visibility. We’ve mentioned before the importance of making yourself extra visible at night, and the obvious dangers of being unseen by other drivers. This is extra important due to the great number and variety of factors that can affect a driver’s ability to see in the dark. You might be at risk of being hit by a driver if you are outside the beam of his headlights, in his blind spot, or if he simply sees more poorly at night.
  • Lane Shifting Due to Drowsiness. This is a factor for both motorcyclists and motorists alike, and lane shifting can be startling and lead to serious traffic accidents near Milwaukee. Keep extra close watch on the cars near you and try to observe whether they are swerving or gravitating more to one side of the road. And, as always, keep your distance.
  • Less Protection. Riding your motorcycle at night means playing constant defense. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, animal, or even running off the road, the only thing between you and serious injury is the gear that you wear. Be sure to never go out at night without fully outfitting yourself in protective clothing.
  • Distraction. Distraction for a driver in a car means danger for you as a motorcyclist. It’s impossible to tell at nighttime what sorts of things—texting, misbehaving children, drowsiness—might be distracting the driver of a car, so it is always wise to keep a safe distance for the sake of night riding safety. 

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