Passenger vehicles often drive with little concern for motorcycle riders. They often do not take the time to look for others on the road. As a result, passenger vehicles are frequently the cause of motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, these accidents often involve serious injury and even death.

To avoid being a victim of an accident, it is important that motorcycle riders take all the possible precautions on their end in order to compensate for negligence by other drivers. One of the ways a motorcycle rider can stay safe from passenger vehicles is to be sure that they are as visible as possible to them.

Three ways a motorcycle rider can ensure they are visible to motorists are to:

  • Use lights. Nearly all motorcycles are designed to have the headlights come on anytime the motor is running. The headlights on a motorcycle should always be on, even when there is plenty of daylight. Also, make sure you use turn signals every time you execute a lane change or turn.
  • Wear bright colors. Wearing motorcycle clothing that is brightly colored is a great way to stay visible to drivers. Most motorcycle shops sell a wide variety of gear that feature bright, visible colors for the rider. Bright colors stand out much more than dull colors and will help catch the eye of drivers.
  • Stay out of blind spots. Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, which makes them hard to see in a blind spot. When riding, you should always be sure not to ride next to a vehicle if possible.

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