The benefits of riding a motorcycle far outweigh the negatives.

Many people who don’t ride typically do not understand this. Their minds are locked into thinking that motorcycles are dangerous. What they fail to understand is that it is not the motorcycle or the rider that makes it dangerous, but rather, it’s the passenger vehicles on the road that pose a danger to motorcycle riders.

Drunken drivers are one of the types of road hazards in Illinois and the surrounding areas that pose a great danger to riders. The result of motorcycle accidents involving drunken drivers can have serious consequences.

Some of the injuries associated with drunken drivers’ collisions with motorcycle riders in Illinois are:

  • Head trauma. The force of falling from a motorcycle after being hit by a drunk driver and hitting hard objects or pavement can cause serious trauma to the head. Many times it will result in a traumatic brain injury that can cause lifelong disabilities.
  • Road rash. Road rash injuries are sustained as the body slides along the road coming in contact with the pavement. It occurs in a large number of motorcycle accidents, including drunken driver motorcycle collisions.
  • Back injury. A drunken driver can impact a rider without even attempting to brake. This high-impact crash can cause the motorcycle rider to sustain a back injury. Back injuries can result in the victim becoming permanently paralyzed.

If a drunken driver caused you to become the victim of a motorcycle accident, he should be held accountable. To hold him accountable and get the compensation you deserve, contact a Illinois motorcycle accident attorney at Hupy and Abraham by calling 866-625-2299 today.

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