A Wisconsin winter can bring adverse weather conditions, and this means you may experience wet, icy, or snowy walkways. These winter attributes may contribute to a person being involved in a Green Bay slip and fall accident. Although the winter conditions may contribute to the slip and fall, it is important to remember that it is often in combination with negligence that the slip and fall occurs. The property owner has a legal responsibility to make sure that slip and fall hazards—even those caused by natural weather events—are cleared away in a timely manner.

The injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident caused by adverse weather can be severe and may result in lifelong complications. It’s crucial to seek medical treatment after any slip and fall injury.

Some of the common injuries associated with a adverse weather condition slip and fall in Green Bay are:

  • Head trauma. Falling onto a hard surface can cause the victim to sustain damage to the head. Because falls on ice can be quite violent, it is not uncommon to sustain a traumatic brain injury.
  • Back injury. Slipping and falling can take a toll on the back. Back injuries can cause a significant amount of pain and can take a long time to recover. Many back injuries cause lifelong complications.
  • Broken bones. The force of falling on a hard surface can cause a lot of damage. Falling can create a great force to the body, which may cause a bone to fracture.

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