Yes. That news could affect both your physical and legal recoveries. You should speak to your doctor immediately about the treatments that you might require if you have been exposed to rabies.

When you are physically and emotionally ready to consider your legal and financial recovery, it is also important to talk to your Cedar Rapids dog attack lawyer about how rabies may affect your legal recovery. Generally, Iowa law allows you to recover full damages even if the dog was suffering from a rabies attack at the time of your bite if:

  • The dog owner had reasonable grounds to know that the dog was sick; and
  • The dog owner could have prevented your injury with reasonable effort.

If the dog owner could not reasonably have known that his or her dog had rabies or prevented your dog bite or dog attack injury, then the dog owner—and his or her insurer—may not be liable.

Thus, it is important that you contact an experienced Cedar Rapids dog bite lawyer if you know, or suspect, that the dog that bit you had rabies. It could affect the outcome of your case. We encourage you to contact our Cedar Rapids dog bite attorneys today at 1-800-800-5678 and to read our FREE dog bites brochure to learn more about your rights and possible recovery.

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