No, it is not too soon to call a lawyer if you slipped and fell on someone else’s property and got hurt. You may not know your long term prognosis yet, but there are benefits to contacting a lawyer now. Specifically, an attorney can:

  • Investigate what happened and gather evidence before any changes are made to the accident scene. Time may of the essence in this regard. For example, if you tripped on a broken stair at an office building, tripped on an unsecured rug at a store, or slipped on a slippery surface in a store, then the dangerous condition may be fixed immediately. It could be useful for your lawyer to take pictures and gather other evidence before the condition is fixed. It might also be easier to find witnesses to the accident and employees who were working at the time of your accident if you act quickly.
  • Help you get your financial recovery faster. The sooner you begin your claim, the sooner you can get a fair recovery.

By contacting a lawyer soon after you shatter your elbow in a fall you can be confident that your legal rights and potential recovery will be protected. Your attorney will not settle the case until your doctor is reasonably able to predict the extent of future damages. However, you have limited time to file a case. Accordingly, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible and to find out more about your rights and possible recovery by watching our free videos and reading our free articles.

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