Many people check into their hotel rooms never thinking about their safety. They put a lot of trust and faith in the hotel to keep themselves, their families, and their property safe while they stay there.

While many hotels provide appropriate levels of safety for their guests, other don’t. This is known as negligent security.

Negligent security can result in a guest suffering damages that can be life-changing. Because hotels do not always take the necessary steps to provide safety for their guests, it is important that each guest take steps on her own to stay safe.

A guest of a hotel can help keep herself safe during her stay by:

  • Researching the hotel. Before booking a room at a hotel, the guest should do her research. She should make sure that the rooms at the hotel are properly equipped with multiple locks, including a deadbolt. Read reviews about the hotel and see if anyone else had safety concerns.
  • Researching the area. Check on the surrounding area to see if the hotel is in a safe area. There are many online research tools to review crime rates in a given neighborhood.
  • Being vigilant. When at the hotel, do not enter an elevator with suspicious people and do not open the room door for anyone if you don’t know who they are. Be sure to know how to use the room locks and phone.
  • Using valet parking. If the hotel offers valet service, it is a good idea to use it. This is especially true when entering or exiting the hotel at night when the parking lot may be dark.
  • Asking for assistance. Any time there is a security concern, contact the front desk for help. This help may include an escort to a vehicle or an escort to the front desk.


Even though you can help reduce risks while staying away from home, the primary duty for providing premises security belongs to the hotel owner. You should not have to suffer because of the business owner’s neglect. If the hotel was not cautious enough, this may have resulted in your becoming the victim of a crime. To seek compensation, call 800-800-5678 today.

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